We're not stuffy!

Joining Braeside

We are seeking new members. Both recreational golfers who just want more opportunity to play with a friendly group, or serious competitive golfers who want to test their game against similar skill levels.


We welcome recreational golfers so why not make new friends and have fun and friendly banter in a progressive atmosphere?

Join today. Click here to complete the online application form

Serious competitive golf you say? Well, we do that very well too...read on:

Are you a lady, senior or a Selsdon-based 'Play More Golf' member?

Do you wish to play competitive golf and access the most cost effective way to be in possession of a Surrey County Card and an official CONGU UHS handicap?

If so, please take a moment to look at our upcoming fixtures.

The current ordinary rate for members is £60 p.a and for Seniors whether, man or lady, it is £35.

We are keenly involved in Surrey County matches and in 2019 we began our campaign at Wentworth progressing through four rounds and equalling our showing the previous year.

We pride ourselves on being the most inclusive and diverse Club in the UK let alone in Surrey and our survival bears testimony to this fact. We have remained as tight knit as ever and harmonious in the face of adversities such as closure of our previous venue.

Member benefits (which are too many to list in full, but here are a few):
  • County Card avails discounts to play other Surrey Golf Union affiliates courses.
  • Pay-when-you-play
    Braeside preferential rates for pay and play keeps the pursuit of competitive golf flexible and easier to afford
  • Main competitions on weekends
  • Mid week swindles (mixed once a month), and options to play medals on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday (men's) or Saturday mornings (ladies)
  • Ladies and Mixed away days
  • Potential team selection for county golf - if you are selected and able to play, you could represent the club and play other courses with courtesy.
    Naturally, there are merit based selection criteria.
  • Become part of a welcoming and friendly group where you are never short of good golfers willing to share tips for your game (our current members list for men's section handicaps range from between 0-26; Ladies 18-36).
  • Preferential BRAESIDE rates for taster lessons with Stuart Corstophine - a pioneer in 3D golf biodynamics in the country and instructor to many tour pros. A taster lesson could be as low as £15 - possibly 1/10th of what he is worth!
  • Get a Handicap, track your progress.
Join today. Click here to complete the online application form

If you prefer, you can click here to download and print an application form. Completed paper application forms can be either left with the Selsdon Pro Shop staff, or scanned and emailed to newmembers@braesidegolfclub.com