How do I join? 

We are always keen to attract new members, so here is some information for anyone interested in joining us.

What's the club like?

We are a small ladies section of a larger men's club, established since 1948. We usually have about 20 lady members, of whom 10% play at other clubs, 10% play occasionally, and the rest play regularly with Braeside.

We pride ourselves on attracting a wide range of ladies to the club - some will have played competitive golf before, and already have a handicap. Some will be looking for their first club and their first handicap.

While we respect the rules of golf, and believe etiquette is important, the club is unstuffy and informal
and, as far as we are concerned, the social side of golf is as important as the competition.

Where and when do you play?

We play at Beckenham Place Park, a beautiful par 69 hilly parkland course on the outskirts of South East London. It has stunning vistas over the old mansion house, ancient woodland, lovely bluebells and daffodils in spring and wonderful colours in the autumn. It's a great way to start your Saturday morning!

The course is maintained by Glendale Golf on behalf of Lewisham Borough Council. Urban wildlife abounds - squirrels, foxes and bright green parakeets, (a wallaby was famously also been sighted many years ago!).

The club facilities are basic - the '19th' cafe within the mansion house is brilliant for bacon and egg sandwiches after your game, but don't expect posh changing rooms!

We focus on weekend golf, as many of us work. We play around 8.30am on Saturday m
orning and occasionally on a Sunday. A small group of ladies also play on Thursday mornings (10am). We communicate by e-mail, so everyone knows when the tee times have been booked.

We have regular club competitions both summer and winter. In the past we have played in the summer 'Penfold' league, where we play other Public Golf Course clubs at home and away. We have at least two ladies' weekends away a year, have mixed competitions with the men as well as mixed away-day events.

Do I need a handicap? Do I have to be an experienced golfer?

No. While we welcome golfers with existing handicaps, we have a strong tradition of developing golfers at the beginning of their addiction to the sport!. We do expect you to have had some experience, to be able to hit a golf ball, and to keep up with the other more experienced golfers on the course. We require that you should be able to score 120 over 18 holes before we allocate you a handicap and invite you to join formally as a member. 
To start off, we would be happy to organise a suitable time for you to play with one or two of the ladies and, depending on your ability, play with us on non-competition days to develop your golf skills. Ideally you should be familiar with course etiquette and safety but we would be happy to help you with this and give guidance on the rules and scoring procedures. We find that most people can improve their golf quite quickly just by playing with other like-minded women every week.

To get your handicap, you will need to play three rounds with us (at least one of which will be a committee member) before we allocate a handicap and invite you to join the club fully.

What will it cost?

Joining fees are currently £45, with an annual subscription of £50 (or £25 for the over 60's). Green fees must be paid to Glendale at the pro-shop, but there are several loyalty packages which reduce the overall cost if you play regularly.

Who do I contact?

The Ladies Secretary - Liz Burgess