Men's/Mixed Results - 2012/2013

December Medal 2012 - Division 1 Aron Charles
December Medal 2012 - Division 2 John Thompson
Boxing Day Competition 2012
Thabang Mpiti
New Years Day Competition Albert Akinyele
January Medal - Division 1 Scott Stevens
January Medal - Division 2 Tommy Pickard
February Medal - Division 1 Rodney Sihlangu
February Medal - Division 2 Glenn Neale
Bogey Competition
Michael Yankah
March Medal - Division 1 Ivor Bovell
March Medal - Division 2 Thabang Mpiti  
Texas Scramble
Jill Moon, Michael Yankah

Glenn Neale & Ray Freestone
Easter Bank Holiday Competition Thabang Mpiti
April Medal Medal - Division 1  Nelson Cruse
April Medal Medal - Division 2 David Farquhar
Spring Bowl @ Westerham GC
Andy Shannon 
Winter K/O - Division 1
George Headlam
Winter K/O - Division 2 Mike Lane
Captain's Cup Jan Pospisil & George Headlam
May Day Competition Rodney Sihlangu  
May Medal Medal - Division 1 Aron Charles
May Medal Medal - Division 2 Richard Slatter
Sid Hackett Memorial Cup Scott Stevens
Spring Bank Holiday Competition
Nelson Cruse
June Medal Medal - Division 1 Derek Foster
June Medal Medal - Division 2 Alan Grant
Presidents Trophy - Strokeplay
Adeniji Aladese
Grand Slam Trophy Ray Freestone
July Medal Medal - Division 1 Scott Stevens
July Medal Medal - Division 2 Ray Freestone
Club Championship - Gross Andy Shannon
Club Championship - Nett Paul Hedditch
August Medal Medal - Division 1 Derek Foster
August Medal Medal - Division 2 Tom Gamble
Sid Gregory Memorial Cup David Farquhar
Summer Bank Holiday Competition Paul Hedditch 
September Medal Medal - Division 1 Rodney Sihlangu
September Medal Medal - Division 2 Albert Akinyele
Merit Medal Scott Stevens
Arthur Davis K/O Scott Stevens
Robert Gooda K/O Dexter Watson
Castlepress Cup K/O
Keith Bowen & Dexter Watson
Scratch Cup K/O
Ivor Bovell
Danny Boyling Trophy Tommy Pickard
John Quilty Trophy Albert Akinyele
October Medal Medal - Division 1 Derek Foster
October Medal Medal - Division 2Dave Alexander
Four Club Salver
Keith Bowen
November Medal Medal - Division 1Dexter Watson
November Medal Medal - Division 2 Dave Farquhar
League Championship Scott Stevens 
Autumn Trophy Dexter Watson 
Most Improved Player Thabang Mpiti


  * No prizes will be awarded due to lack of numbers